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Where do you setup?

Few local parks in Broward County

Can I rent at a different location for sessions?

Yes, but mileage may be charged, depending on location and date.

Can I rent it for a day?


Can I rent it for a half day?


Do you have other vehicles?

Not yet

Can I attach posters, signs, etc. to the truck?

Yes, as long as it will not damage the paint or truck

Can I drive it?

Unfortunately no. Exceptions made for getaway vehicle. 

Does it run?

Yes, I drive it to the sessions.

Do I need general liability insurance to rent it?

Yes, if something were to happen to a client while in or around the truck your general liability insurance would protect you and me.

Can we use our own photographer?

Yes, however they must supply their own decor if desired.

Is the pricing of photos included in the rate?

No, we solely supply the truck on site where needed. We do have a few local photographers that we work with that you could reach out to for detailed pricing.

Where did the name Bunky originate?

My younger sister decided to call our grandfather Bunky instead of grandpa when she was 3 and it hasn't changed since.

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